Monday, August 15, 2011

Sweet Escapes - Soapopotamus

Hello all!

So for this week's Sweet Escape, we will journey to my absolute favorite online marketplace - Etsy.

Now for those of you who are not familiar with it, Etsy is home to a ton of little internet "storefronts" for anything and everything handmade. I actually found out about Etsy when my boyfriend and I ran a little handmade clothing company out of his garage in high school. As you can imagine, we were thrifty entrepreneurs, and so we discovered Etsy because of its economical advantages. It's a great place for a start up if you're low on funds, or if you are looking for a market of buyers who love handmade items. The way Etsy works is that there is no fee to register or hold a storefront, just to list an item and a small percentage of your profit on each listed item. Definitely cheaper than owning a physical storefront, it is home to a veritable pantheon of fun, irresistible, handmade goodies.

Now, let's take a look at a shop who's entire inventory is on my wishlist: Soapopotamus.

Cinnamon Roll 6 Pack - $8

Yes, these are soap. Goat's milk soap to be exact, which I have heard fantastic reviews about. I have really sensitive skin, and almost all of her soaps are goat's milk, which is supposed to be uber gentle, and uber nourishing. What better way to wake up in the morning with a nice hot shower and a cinnamon bun?!

Carrot Cake Bar - $5.50

I am seriously stumped as to how she made the cake look so realistic. I'm always on the hunt for nice Fall scents (if I could I'd live in perpetual autumn) so I would love this to go with the cozy feeling of the chilly season.

Blueberry Muffin - $5.50

Not only is this the size of an actual muffin - she even made little blueberry soaps and suspended them throughout. So neat - and really shows dedication in my opinion on the part of the seller. Bravo.

Half Dozen Glazed Mini Donuts - $8

These little soaps are listed under her "Mini Food Guest Soap" section, and seriously, I would LOVE to be able to give a friend one of these to use while she stayed over. Just picture your friend's face when you pull out this little donut and go "and here's your soap!" Shocked and awed, I'm sure. And I would be perfectly content with smelling like a donut. (Maybe you think that's strange, and that's fine. No judgment. But I'm telling you, there are worse things to smell like than a glazed donut my friend.)

Rice Krispie Treat 4 Pack - $5

I saved the best for last. No joke - you have now just witnessed a rice krispie treat in soap form. You didn't think such an item existed did you? Well, now you can go and buy these and impress (or concern) your friends with your love for sweets. My roommates have already seen my fake food jewelry collection, so this probably wouldn't phase them much. Though, this would be in the shower, which might be a bit disconcerting. Or funny. Your pick. :D

Soapopatmus has plenty more where these came from. So if your prefer, oh, I don't know, chocolate cake, toast, or strawberry cupcakes, please make sure to check her out. I can't buy handmade all the time, but I like to do so when I can because you get your money's worth and your supporting small business; which, in my opinion, is always good. 

I hope you enjoyed this week's Sweet Escape! Be sure to check back next Monday for a look at more handmade treats for sweets - DIY Cakestand Designs.

Disclaimer: all photos featured are from the Soapopatmus Shop. Please link her and cite her shop appropriately if using these photos!


  1. Thank you for finding my blog and leaving the kind comments. This is my first time to visit your blog and I love your Sweet Escape feature. I haven't spent too much time on Etsy yet (only the several links friend sent and go to the site), but I definitely didn't know they have food on that site! Thanks for sharing - your choice made me hungry!

  2. I love Etsy and can see why you want all of her stuff! Looks fabulous!

  3. Etsy does have some unique gift items. These soaps are so cute-thanks for sharing.

  4. I actually can not believe that this isn't food. I think I would be a little disappointed upon receiving one of these and taking my first bite...

  5. I love Etsy!! I just ordered a couple of t-shirts for football seasons from a seller on Etsy....we are big Arkansas Razorback fans in this house. It's hard to believe that isn't real food. I glanced through the pictures before reading and was hoping for a recipe for the blueberry muffins because it looks great. Thanks for sharing!

  6. These are amazing - they look so real! I love them! They would make great stocking stuffers.