Monday, August 8, 2011

Sweet Escapes - FredFlare.Com

So I must confess, before blogging about my baking adventures here on Blogger, I ran a little blog on Tumbr dedicated to "Sweet Escapes", which was pretty much anything I could find on the internet that was inspired by dessert/candy etc. I happen to have quite the obsession with food-inspired jewelry, and it was the perfect outlet to share that obsession with the world.

Until Now.

I've decided; once a week, I will post about "Sweet Escapes" I find all across the web and wherever else my obsession with sweets takes me. I just miss it too much not to do so.

And this week, to start it off, I introduce FredFlare.Com

This site is one of my absolute biggest guilty pleasures. They have the neatest array of kitschy-cute accessories for your wardrobe and your home. I haven't really been able to save up enough to splurge on all my favorites (yet) but my birthday is coming up in October's always good to plan ahead with a wishlist. :D

1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Pouch ($9)

Now tell me you wouldn't love to whip this little cutie out of your purse when you need some spare change! So adorable. Too bad it's not available yet. It's arriving soon, so be sure to add yourself to the waitlist!

2. Cupcake Floss ($9)

Cupcake-flavored floss you say? I say - must have. Tastes and smells just like a cupcake, but without the sugar-inducing cavities or the calories. This would be a perfect stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift for the cupcake addict in your group of friends (or for yourself, no one's judging here).

3. Ice Cream Cone Lamp ($50)

Another one that's "arriving soon", this would make such a statement in your bed room (or in my case, my college apartment. Though I don't know if my less food-obsessed roomies would agree.)

4. Sweet Dreams Cupcake Pillow ($30)

Okay, so if the cupcake floss is the stocking stuffer - here's the one to stick under the tree (unwrapped) for your cupcake-lover. Seriously, who wouldn't want this pillow? The sprinkles are adorable and I am loving the realism with the paper wrapper. A little bit pricier than your average pillow; sure. But worth it? I think so.

5. Delicious Dessert Keychains ($6)

This was the first item I saw that actually made me think to blog about FredFlare and all its neat goodies. It's a blind assortment so you have no idea what you'll get (which is exciting for some, and frustrating for others) but at only $6, I might just buy 2 sets to increase my chances of getting that Samoa keychain!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg my friends. At FredFlare you can find all of these and others, including (but not limited to):

The list just goes on and on. Not into dessert? No problem. The site also is home to multitudes of other fun items, like a sushi pillow, bacon soap, and even an EtchASketch Ipad Case, just to name a few. 

This has been this week's Sweet Escape. Next week I'll take a look at one of Etsy's many kawaii-inspired Faux Dessert Jewelry Shops (not sure which yet, there are so many contenders!) so keep an eye out for more sweetly inspired treats to come!


  1. Very cool. I'm loving the cupcake dental floss!

  2. ha ha ha, so funny and amazing - my girls would go crazy for the cookie coin purses. The pillow looks so real.

  3. How cute is that cookie purse! The pillow is great also. Neat items on that site.