Monday, August 29, 2011

Sweet Escapes - Fun Finds for the Kiddies

Hello all!

As I sit here stranded in my college apartment from extreme flooding courtesy of Hurricane Irene, I reminisce on how, when I was little, I entertained myself with so many things that did not require electricity. I was lucky enough not to lose power during this, but family and friends of mine did and I could only think "what would I do with myself if I couldn't get on Pinterest or browse my favorite blogs?"

How sad is that?

But if I was a kid, well I could be roaming through a jungle or playing "the floor is lava" and jumping from couch to couch or pretending to be a famous chef in my play kitchen; which got me thinking... this week's sweet escape could be about play food!

And where else to look for the neatest and cutest in fake food but - Etsy!

Felt Play Food (well for me anyway) is a relatively new phenomenon that I think is a fantastic idea. No bad chemicals from the plastic, and they are soft so even little toddlers can play with them. Customization is a fabulous perk as well, and the DIY patterns make the toys fun as a craft to do with your tykes as well.

Felt Cookbook and Bakery DIY Pattern Set - $3.99 Sweetie Pie Bakery

Here's a DIY that would be so entertaining on a rainy day with your little wannabe baker. For $3.99 you receive an e-book pdf full of patterns to create these adorable little bakery items and recipes to fill the cookbook pattern. It lists supplies needed as well as patterns for a felt cookbook, flour/sugar canisters, measuring cups and sweets like pie, brownies, cinnamon rolls and macaroons! 

Fun to make, and fun for hours of playtime after. These are the kind of projects that make me want to be a mom so I can do this with my own little kid....well, almost. Maybe not quite yet but you get the idea.

Assorted Felt Eco-Friendly Foods - $8 - $16 BugBitesPlayFood

These are a bit pricier than I would like to spend, but the seller states everything is made from eco-friendly, post-consumer products and are even machine washable. Not bad for a child's play toy (definitely could not machine wash plastic). 

I LOVE this one - pre assembled so no sewing required, but left in pieces for the child to put together themselves and create their own little apple pie! Precious.

Felt Sweets - Pre-made and DIY - Sweetemmajean $6 - $16

Again, I love the pre-made pieces (for those who who perhaps do not like the idea of sewing parts of toys) but the ability to assemble and customize left to the kiddie. These ice cream treats are perfect for summer or if your little boy or girl is just in the mood for faux frozen treats! Plus Black and White Cookies are just plain adorable. 

So next time you are looking for a fun arts&crafts idea to do with your child, think of creating your own toys! If your child is a bit older and with your supervision, you could even use this as a way to teach her how to sew. I know I loved embroidery at a young age, and arts and crafts can keep kids occupied for hours. 

This has been this week's Sweet Escape; keep an eye out for more fun foodie finds next Monday!


  1. How cute these food toys are-the ice cream set is my favorite!

  2. Those toys are SO SO cute!! I could spend hours on end browsing Etsy!

  3. Omg these are the cutest things I've ever seen! I WANT SOME!

  4. I love felt food and my kids enjoy playing with it. I always have to go with pre-made because I am just not that would never be able to discern what I was making EVEN if I follow the pattern.