Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Ethics of Food - What Would You Do?

Hello all!

I know I have been tardy with posting (so is the life of a college student - busy and full of surprises) but I still have yet to go grocery shopping for baking supplies. It's a shame really, since I neglected to buy any premade sweets for my pantry. So no sweets for you OR me lately. >_<

On another note, I wanted to pose a question to my fellow bloggers. I found a wonderful course being taught here at RU entitled "Ethics of Food." It is a research-writing course, where I will get to conduct research on any of the major food ethical issues arising today, such as the push for organic, the high fructose corn syrup avoidance etc.

It is really going to be an intriguing course, and as I sit here reading my section of Michael Pollan's Omnivore's Dilemma, I think of the question my professor posed to us last week in class. I wonder, what would you do in this situation? What would be considered ethical? Or reasonable?

Please leave any/all thoughts in the comments section! I would love to share your input with my colleagues, as you are all foodies I think it would be a great case study in a demographic of food lovers. :D

You are a new student at a University and you stumble upon a little pizzeria while looking for lunch. You are famished, and order a lot of food. When the waitress drops off your check, you notice that she charged you $1.20 instead of $12.00. Do you alert the waitress of the mistake? Or is that just 'good luck' and not your concern? 

I can't wait to read your thoughts! :D And keep an eye out: I promise there will be more fun food finds in the future (wow, now that was a bit much, but like I said, I love alliteration <3)

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  1. This happened to me at a place that you had to take your check to the cashier. I told the cashier that we were only charged for drinks and that each of us had dinner also. The cashier stated "well that is the waiters problem now isn't it" and rang up the drinks. I have worked as a waitress and I know that any "mistake" on the check the waiter has to pay the difference out of their tip money-so my answer is to alert the waiter on the error.