About Me

My name is Jess and I am an English student at Rutgers University. I love to bake, and eat, and have what many people would call an obsession with all things food-related. I am happy to consider myself part of "Generation F" and am intrigued by the way food has been brought to the forefront of our lives recently. Food, for me, is all about love. Cliched, I know, but it's the truest statement I could give you in terms of my relationship with food. Food reminds me of family gatherings, holidays, first dates; virtually every part of my life can be remembered through the food I ate. 

However, as I got older, I found myself more and more stressed with what the future holds and less able to sit down and enjoy a meal with friends or loved ones. We live in a stressful time, and I am sad to say I have become one of the most stressed-out 21-year-olds I know. 

The best way I can relieve this stress is through baking. It's always been a love of mine and, as no one in my family can bake, it generally fell to me to whip up dessert for birthdays, Easter, and virtually every occasion. I can't tell you how happy it made me to see the smiles break out on my loved ones' faces at the sight of fresh banana bread, or to hear the collective "mmmm" issue forth as they sank their teeth into a slice of cake. 

Though the faces may have changed when I arrived at college, the smiles and happiness did not. College students love cake just as much as anyone else, and I soon found out that what brought me relief from my hectic days also brought a little ray of sunshine to my friends' days as well. 

So that's what this blog is about. Bringing that little silver lining to our seemingly overwhelming lives and sharing it with those important people who make our lives worthwhile. I will verge on sentimental here (if I haven't already) but I strongly feel like if you can take the time to have some fun in the kitchen, whip up something sweet, and then share it with others, we could bring the collective stress-levels down a few notches and live happier, more social lives. Nothing brings people together better then food.

Here on the "mountain" you will find recipes for all sorts of baking, from both myself and my favorite food blogs out there. So I hope you enjoy your stay On Sugar Mountain, and please follow to keep updated on all the latest baking escapades!