Friday, June 3, 2011

Welcome to Sugar Mountain!

Hi There!

Well, I have finally made the move from Tumblr to Blogger, and have decided to start documenting my baking adventures here on my wonderful new domain! I am so glad you stopped by.

I will try to keep my personal background brief, since there is a whole page for it in the event that you want to know more. In short I am a twenty year old college student who has loved baking since she owned her first EZ-Bake Oven when she was four. My baking has improved since then (thank goodness!) and although I go to school for English, I plan on opening up my own bakery one day.

Until then, I plan on becoming a food writer, which combines my two loves, food and literature. So watch out Michael Pollan (actually just the chance to meet him would make me ecstatic).

In case you are curious as to the name of my blog, it all started on my twentieth birthday. Each year, my aunt and uncle call me up and sing my "Happy Birthday To You." This birthday was a little different though. After the typical birthday song, my uncle took the phone and sang me the chorus on Neil Young's "Sugar Mountain", which reads 'you can't be twenty, on sugar mountain, though you think you might be leaving there to soon..." Odd birthday song, right? Well, I plan on making sugar mountain my permanent residence, as the bakery has been my lifelong dream and I refuse to give it up, regardless of it's so-called "unsound" nature.

So if I have not bored you with my little intro, I want to welcome you to the Mountain and I hope you visit often for neat recipes and baking experiments, as well as any other sugar-laden fun!

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