Monday, June 6, 2011

Custom Cupcake Website Review - BakedByMelissa

The other day my mom noticed an ad for this new website and so I decided to check it out. Turns out its super cool if you are into the idea of customizing cupcakes. It's called and she lets you customize your cupcake, from flavor to frosting to filling...what more could you want?

So step 1 (above) is picking what kind of cake you want. Then you move to step 2 (below) where you choose an icing flavor. I went with chocolate/vanilla swirl.

Steps 3 and 4 include optional toppings and fillings, where I chose coconut crunch with a coconut cream filling (yum!).

Unfortunately, here is the negative of this site. The minimum order for custom cupcakes is a whopping 300 cupcakes! At a dollar a piece thats $300 per order. I wish I could try her cupcakes to share with you all how they are, but I am not dropping that kind of cash on cupcakes. Ever. The absolute minimum order (if you really want to test these but don't mind not customizing) is 100 cupcakes at $70. Better, but still a decent lump of cash to spend on mini (yes, they are mini!) cupcakes.

The verdict: If you need cupcakes for a large event, this is most likely a valuable site where you can customize your dessert for your event's needs. But if you are just looking for a sweet fix, I'd opt to just customize the old-fashioned way: DIY.

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