Monday, March 12, 2012

Back to Blogging with a New Room and a Cupcake Review!

Hello friends!
Oh how I've missed you all  during these past few weeks of stressful exams. During the hours of excruciating studying my mind would wander and I'd think to myself "what awesome new recipes are floating around the blogosphere that I'm missing right now?" and I just could not wait to get back.

Well, I made it. I am officially on Spring Break for the week with my lovely family down in Florida, and while I am here I plan to bake up a storm of delicious goodies to share with you all!

But first...

Wasn't I surprised to find a completely new room waiting for me to enjoy as soon as I got home?!

It's like HGTV in there!

My mom (and even my dad) did it all while I was away at Rutgers, and it is just such an improvement over the old layout. I finally have a desk (no more doing work from the bed!) and I LOVE the bookcase setup as a focal point in the room since I am a huge book worm.

THEN as if this wasn't nice enough, my Dad surprised me with a trip to a cupcake shop! I didn't know cupcakeries were as big down in Florida as they are up in the Northeast (with what feels like millions in NYC).

The shop is called Mmm Delicious Cupcakes and is located in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Now although the shop isn't bright pink or glitzed out and overly decorated, I have to tell you these are some (if not the) best cupcakes I have ever had. This is where simplicity = superiority.

At Mmm Delicious Cupcakes you will find a slew of delicious flavors that vary daily, from Classic Chocolate to Strawberry Milkshake and even Pillow Talk, a decadent chocolate cake with a marshmallow creme center.

My family and I opted to buy half a dozen and went home extremely excited with: Red Velvet, Wedding Cake, Classic Chocolate, Cookie Dough, Salted Caramel, and Pillow Talk.

As soon as we got home I naturally dove into my first choice: Red Velvet.

I am just going to come out and say it: this cupcake rocked my socks.

Light, airy, moist, and full of flavor, this Red Velvet is hands-down the best Red Velvet Cupcake I've ever had. Beautifully adorned with a fantastic Cream Cheese Frosting, this cupcake is worth the $1.99 and then some.

And to be honest, almost all of the cupcakes we received were just that: fabulous. Salted Caramel also received big points amongst the Gonzalez family, along with Classic Chocolate.  The only one that I believe we would not get again was Wedding Cake, but honestly it wasn't a bad cupcake, just not my style.

If you are ever in the Tamba Bay Area and are looking for a sweet fix, you have to stop by Mmm Delicious Cupcakes. Their sweet treats not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but their simple, elegant presentation reminds us that frills and fondant decorations aside, it's the cake that counts. I've linked them here in the post so please go check them out and show some cupcake love!

Well, that's all for now fellow bakers! Since I am in Florida for the week I plan on taking advantage of the wonderful Fresh Produce in my posts, so I foresee Strawberries in the near future!

Happy Baking!


  1. Very nice room! :) Love the pattern!

    And those cupcakes look delicious.

    1. Thanks HealthyFoodieTravels!

      It's as comfy as it is beautiful in there :)

      And seriously if you are ever in that area you HAVE to try them out. The cupcakes are fabulous

  2. What a pretty room I love the bed linens! Cupcakes all look fabulous. Yay for Mom and Dad hooking you up. :)

    1. Thaks S.V.!

      Yeah, they are pretty awesome parents :) Coming home to cupcake adventures is never a bad idea either!

  3. I love that bed spread. So pretty! What a great welcome home.

    1. Thanks Emily!

      It was such a wonderful way to start Spring Break :D

  4. I love the new room! That cupcake shop looks soooo good, I'd like one of each please :) Hope you're having a great time in Florida! Warm weather and sunshine sounds sooo nice right now!

    1. Thanks Kristina!

      I'd like to go back and ask one for one of EVERY flavor :D Especially the strawberry milkshake, yum!

  5. I want one of those raspberry and champagne cupcakes...hope your exams went well!

    1. Thanks Cucina49!

      They actually (thank goodness) did go well! I'm just glad they are done though. And I know doesn't raspberry and champagne sound like one of the most decadent cupcakes ever?? Definitely going back to try all the flavors!