Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mug Cakes: Too Good to be True?

Hello friends,

So remember the other day I showed you this awesome Microwave Recipe for A deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie? It even had over 100 repins on Pinterest and over 1000 page hits.

It made for a very happy me :) So thanks everyone for showing the love!

I thought I'd return the favor and try my luck with another microwaveable recipe, a mug cake, since there are so many of those floating around the internet.

Sadly, I wonder if cakes in the microwave just are not meant to be.

I attempted this Salted Caramel Chocolate Mug Cake, and man could I have used it this week. Caramel Chocolatey goodness was sorely needed...

and sorely missed! The caramels I "dropped" into the cake disappeared, assumingly into the cake somewhere. Definitely not the wonderful image of molten oozy goodness I pinned in the first place.

I hate to say it but this was, well, awful. The cake was bland and the texture was weirdly spongey. Not like sponge cake spongey...but like my kitchen sponge spongey.

So I am a tad sad because now I have no cake :(

BUT I hope to have awesome whoopie pies to share with you next week as we get closer to ....


Until then,

Happy Baking!

P.S. Have any of you tried Mug Cakes and found success? Which ones? Share with me! 


  1. Sorry the 2nd mug cake didn't turn out. Sounds like a weird dense sponge. I tried a mug cake quite a while back and had success. I'm sure I have the recipe somewhere in my recipe binder but can't remember where I found the source now.

    Sweet 2 Eat Baking

  2. I made my first mug cake in the microwave this week. It's a recipe I saw on Rachael Ray's show via Sunny Anderson from the Food Network. It was good... my husband liked it.. but I want better. So I'm going to try another version now that I'm getting the hang of it. Don't give up... you're a dynamo in the kitchen... keep plugging away. I will post mine next week. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend my friend. ~ Ramona

    1. Thanks Ramona :)

      I was quite bummed after this letdown but being called a dynamo sure helps cheer me up lol. I can't wait to see your post! Good luck!