Thursday, September 27, 2012

Deep Dish Microwave Chocolate Chip Cookie

Hello friends,

Today is one of the most aggravating days known to man. The dark, dreary, rainy yet still warm Thursday that suddenly breaks into sunshine. This is after I've officially dressed like the laziest college student ever in my big baggy Rutgers sweats. Ugh.

But I have a treat that will get you through these kind of days, or any day for that matter,' where you crave something cozy, gooey, chewy, and deliciously sweet.

And fear not my college companions! Are you armed with only a microwave? This recipe is dedicated to you:

Meet the Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie for One

(gasps, ooohs, aaahs)

I know, I KNOW. How could we have not all stumbled upon this sooner? It's so freaking easy I almost didn't include step-by-step photos. Almost.

But I love you all so much, I wanted you to see that this recipe is tried, true, and totally addicting.

Here is all you need in terms of "equipment". You'll also want tablespoonfuls of butter, flour, white sugar, brown sugar, an egg yolk, a few drops of vanilla and a pinch of salt. Oh and a healthy portion of chocolate chips.

Melt butter.

Stir in sugars, vanilla, egg yolk and salt.

Stir in flour. Stir or just plain old cover with chocolate chips.

Microwave for 60 seconds.


I think I could get used to weather like this with a cookie like that.

Enjoy plain or with a healthy scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Happy Baking!

Deep Dish Microwave Chocolate Chip Cookie
via MyHappyPlace

1 tbsp melted butter
1 tbsp white sugar
1 tbsp brown sugar
3 drops vanilla
1 egg yolk
pinch of salt
1/4 cup (4 tbsp) flour
2 tbsp chocolate chips

1. Stir melted butter, sugars, vanilla and salt in a small ramekin or mug
2. Stir in flour and then chocolate chips
3. Microwave for 40-60 seconds

Serve Warm


  1. This is brilliant! Though probably very dangerous for me to have such a recipe on hand! :)

    1. Thanks Jessica!

      Oh everyone needs to indulge here and then ;) no danger in that

  2. Hah I didn't know this is even possible, I agree with Jessica... you definitely will get the blame for few pounds we will put on :))
    Im happy to see you still posting and baking, missed your ideas!
    Best Wishes
    Little Housewife

    1. Thanks Little Housewife!

      That means so much :) <3

  3. I'm not happy with you 13 year old was reading this post over my shoulder and said..."we have to make that NOW! Ok Mom, I mean it....NOW!" I hope you are happy...after a long day of school I now have to fix dinner AND cookies!! LOL ;p

    1. I am so sorry! But not really heehee ;) You'll be so happy when you eat it you won't even remember being unhappy with me. You'll just be transported to chocolatey chip cloud 9.

  4. OMG!!!!!!! I think you have created a monster in me... a cookie monster!! Hot ooey gooey cookies out of the microwave....AhHHHHHHHHHHHH! What a great recipe and concept!! Well done. Have a wonderful weekend. ~ Ramona

  5. teehee Ramona it is a monster I am proud to have made :D and thanks! I still can't believe how much traffic this post is getting :O

  6. The recipe doesn't mention eggs.