Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Gift Giving for Foodies Pt 3

This will be for all you last-minute Holiday Shoppers out there who plan on securing the rest of your needs via the internet. I don't blame you - the mall has become a madhouse and I'd avoid it at all costs if I could. Here are some of my favorite picks from various Etsy Sellers this week:

1. Cake Guitar By celentanowoodworks

I have to admit, I am not musically inclined whatsoever. I can't even hum a song correctly much less play a guitar, but if I could this would be the guitar I'd play. Adorable, musical, functional, what more could you want? Yes it's a bit pricey, but if you have a little musician in your life who also likes sweets, this might just make her holiday.

2. Mini Cupcake Soap Sampler By SundayMorning Soaps

I know I've done soap before on these posts, but look at those cute little cups of cake and tell me you're not interested! A sampler set is a really ingenious way to customize this present for anyone, and SundayMorningSoaps is home to a multitude of awesome scents for your cupcakes, including (but most definitely not limited to) Toasted Marshmallow, Eggnog, Birthday Cake, and Creme Brulee. Plus, these are so cute and tiny that they would make a fabulous stocking stuffer.

3. Gourmet Spice Rub Gift Set By GustoSpice

I thought it might be best to appeal to the crowd of potential readers who may not be as obsessed with cupcakes as I am, and for all of you I have the best BBQ Spice Set I've ever imagined. You receive rubs highlighting the best BBQ blends across the US, including Kansas City, Memphis, Texas, Californian and North Carolinian style spice rubs. They come in 5 reusable tins and are sure to please any Dad or just anybody out there who loves to grill 24/7.

4. Everday Magnetic Spice Kit By PurposeDesign

Finally, for the aspiring chef in your family or circle of friends, I give you a magnetic spice kit with all the essentials. Staple spices like basil, chili powder, cumin, coriander, rosemary and more, all in wonderful little magnetic glass top containers. All the spices you need, readily at your disposal on the side of your fridge. I know how messy my spice cabinet gets, and this would be a life-saver when I'm in the middle of cooking. 

I hope this inspires any of you last-minute shoppers out there, and I wish you luck amidst the crazed holiday world to find what you need to make your fellow foodies holiday extra special this year.

Disclaimer: I do not profess to own any of these photos; they have been linked directly and cited directly to their original sources.

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