Monday, October 31, 2011

Sweet Escapes: Happy Halloween!

Hello my fellow Halloween-Obsessed Friends!

Although, with the weather lately I feel like I should be saying Happy Holidays. I mean, really, I just broke out the nice Fall sweaters and then it becomes a frozen tundra outside my apartment. Why can't we just have one nice, long, Autumn season?

Regardless of the chilly weather, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Halloween. Today the baking organization I run, Rutgers Student Bakers, is having a Halloween Bake Sale with Candy Corn Cupcakes, Cookies n Cream Fudge, and Witch Hat Cookies! Very festive, and very tasty.

I thought I'd share these recipes as this week's Sweet Escape! These are tried and true recipes that are sure to impress, and who doesn't love Halloween themed sweets and treats?

1. Cookies n Cream Fudge via VeryBestBaking

This is a fantastic recipe because it can be made festive for any holiday with the wonder of food coloring. We dyed ours orange to pair nicely with the dark colored Oreos, but you could always marble the white with red and green for Christmas, pink for Valentine's Day, and even green for St. Patrick's Day! The flavor on these will be a sure-fire hit at any event you have. We whipped these up last semester and sold out, and they are back by special request.

2. Candy Corn Cupcakes via OurBestBites

What a great way to add some fun to traditional vanilla cupcakes. Split the batter into 2 portions, and dye each a different color (in this case, leave one "white", and make one yellow and one orange). Pour each layer into the cupcake pan and voila! Candy-corn cupcakes, or really any themed cupcakes for any occasion. Very impressive for the school bake sale or just a whole lot of fun with your friends.

3. Death by Chocolate Witch Hat Cookies via Explore.Dream.Discover.

Now this isn't quite as versatile as the previously mentioned treats, but it's just way too neat to pass up for the Halloween parties. Bake up some killer (hah, get it? I love me some literary puns) chocolate cookies, and top each with a chocolate kiss. Pipe orange frosting around the kiss and you now have adorable witch-hat cookies that will be sure to please any chocoholic.

This has been this week's Sweet Escape! Enjoy your fright night and keep an eye out for a new post on S'mores Muffins in the next few days!

Disclaimer: I do not profess to own any of these photos. They were found across the internet at some lovely blogs, which I link directly both by name and through the image. 

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